Sellers are tired of paying high commission when selling their home.  At 6% the commission would be a $12,000 on a  $200,000 home,  $18,000 on a $300,000 home and $24,000 on a 400,000 home, etc. With our Texas Flat Fee Full Service, the fee could be as low as $2,995 for homes under $200,000, $3,995 for homes under $300,000, and $4,995 for homes under $400,000, etc. if no other Realtor is involved. Additional 3% is paid to the buyers agent only if one is involved in the transaction. The savings are huge in either event.  We use the same MLS,,, marketing and social media tools as any other Realtor.  We make a few fast dimes instead of a few slow quarters.  The proof is in the pudding as our system has sold hundreds of homes with happy sellers saving ten of thousands of dollars. The biggest stumbling block in most transaction is the seller trying to hang onto the equity in their home when they sell. "Put Your Money in the Bank" with Texas Flat Fee Realtors Full Service with $aving program.